Benefits of Toastmasters

Thermometer in the summer heatYou’ve been thinking about it for a while now. You know you need to try something new. People at work may have even told you it’s time to do something. Even your family has been spurring you on. But, for some reason, another month…another year maybe…has slipped by and you still haven’t taken the plunge to join a Toastmasters club.

July and August months are the perfect time to join. Here are several reasons why:

1. Things might be slower at work – If your workload has slowed down a bit this summer, it’s the perfect time for you to… Read Full Post »

Speaking at Networking EventYou’re at a business event sitting casually at one of the many round tables as your plate of chicken breast, asparagus, and mashed potatoes with gravy is delivered. Finally, everyone at your table is served their plate so you can dig in!

Suddenly, a tap on the shoulder.

It’s the event program chair.

“Sir/Maam,” she says.

“I understand you have some insights on (fill in your topic of expertise). Our dinner speaker is going to be about 15 minutes late and I was told you might be willing to share your knowledge with the group to fill up five minutes… Read Full Post »

Mother daughter granddaughter ToastmastersBuffalo Toastmaster of Lakewood Colorado, Heather Gutherless (Left) and George Sutton Toastmaster of Aurora Colorado, Barbara Peck (Right) with next generation Toastmaster Taylor Gutherless, who already speaks quite well and whose favorite saying is “I DO IT” was taken in Granby, Colorado 12/21/13.

Someone is Always Better

High school baseball pitcherMy son was a rock star pitcher in Little League. He threw a shutout in his state tournament and just toyed with batters whenever he was on the mount. Imagine his amazement when he started his first game in high school as a freshman pitcher—and the first 6 batters got hits off of his pitches! Just when you think you’ve really got game, someone comes along and shows you how much opportunity you have to improve.

One of the reasons professional speakers tend to avoid continuing their development as speakers is because they think they’ve already… Read Full Post »

Being Nervous Makes You Perform at Your Best When You Learn How to Channel the Nervous Energy

Curt Schilling baseball player admits being nervousIf you think MLB baseball players lack nervousness, think again. Here’s an entire blog post dedicated to revealing how Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Miggy Cabrera and others admit their nervousness.

And, these are the top players in the game! Conincidence? I think not. They have learned how to channel their nervousness to work for them instead of against them. When they’re nervous, they perform at their very best.

Early in my Toastmasters career, one of my mentors told me upon my confession… Read Full Post »