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Don't panic when faced with a tough topic in speaking
If you were to invite me to your house for dinner and I immediately took on a look of disgust and commented how dirty your house was and started blurting out, “Eew Gross! What kind of paint job is that on your walls?” What would happen? I probably wouldn’t make it to the dinner table. You’d throw me right out the front door in disgust!

Then, why did every speaker at both Democratic and Republican National Conventions have that disgusted look on their face covering from A-Z why you shouldn’t vote for “the other guy?”

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Professional speaker speaking at a workshop
Some people join Toastmasters to overcome their fear of public speaking. Others simply want a quick fix of speaking skills. Once the goal is accomplished (which might take some three months and others three years or more) the fulfilled Toastmasters member will decide to leave the club. Most, however, stay to evolve their skills over time to see how good they can really become at speaking.

Once in a while, a member will choose another route. That is the path of the professional speaker.

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A guest blog post from former president of George Sutton Toastmasters, Marty Dickinson.

The first professional speaker I met joined my Toastmasters club in 1997 after I had been a member at George Sutton Toastmasters for two years. At first, I couldn’t understand why a “professional speaker,” with experience presenting to audiences of hundreds of people (…and getting paid for it!!), would want to waste his time with 5-7 minute speeches and hanging around people like me who still got nervous getting called up to deliver 1-2 minute impromptu responses during Table Topics.

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