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gstm-officer-steved-200wA guest post by George Sutton Toastmasters Member, Steve Doherty…

One of life’s great paradoxes is that so many people find selling distasteful yet virtually all of us sell to survive and succeed.There isn’t ONE position in life, either personal or professional, where communication and selling skills are not a critical component of success.

In fact, I would venture to say that the vast majority of our lives we spend “selling” via trying to influence our kids, convince our co-workers, influence a client, buying a home or car, lead our professional teams, lead our Boy Scout troop, convince our spouses,… Read Full Post »

A guest blog post from the president of George Sutton Toastmasters, Marty Dickinson.

The first professional speaker I met joined my Toastmasters club in 1997 after I had been a member at George Sutton Toastmasters for two years. At first, I couldn’t understand why a “professional speaker,” with experience presenting to audiences of hundreds of people (…and getting paid for it!!), would want to waste his time with 5-7 minute speeches and hanging around people like me who still got nervous getting called up to deliver 1-2 minute impromptu responses during Table Topics.

In his Ice Breaker speech, the first… Read Full Post »