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Giving Thanksgiving Holiday Toast

It’s every Thanksgiving guest’s nightmare. You’re on the way to the table to devour the grand feast. You sit, grab your napkin, and the host puts you on the spot to make a toast. Your heart pounds, your knees quiver. The entire table starts shaking! What can you do?

You can PLAN a toast in advance and give the guests a memorable experience without embarrassing yourself! Here are a few steps to help you through the planning and delivery process of a great Thanksgiving toast this year.

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MC Reading IntroThe first 30 seconds before your speech begins are just as important as the first 30 seconds after you begin speaking. These 30 seconds set the stage for your audience for what they should be listening for and why they should spend their time listening to what you have to present.
At our Toastmasters club, we’ve been paying a bit more attention to those first 30 seconds lately. There are three parts to that time period before you deliver your first spoken word and I’d like to share what we’ve been covering lately.

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