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Speaking at Networking EventYou’re at a business event sitting casually at one of the many round tables as your plate of chicken breast, asparagus, and mashed potatoes with gravy is delivered. Finally, everyone at your table is served their plate so you can dig in!

Suddenly, a tap on the shoulder.

It’s the event program chair.

“Sir/Maam,” she says.

“I understand you have some insights on (fill in your topic of expertise). Our dinner speaker is going to be about 15 minutes late and I was told you might be willing to share your knowledge with the group to fill up five minutes… Read Full Post »

Congrats to the following officers who have been elected to lead our club into 2014 and serve during the January-June 2014 term.

Ron Tickel: President
Carl Bruckman: VP Education
Ina Michelsen: VP Membership
Marty Dickinson: VP Education
Ryan Dunn: VP Finance
Barbara Peck: Secretary
Jennifer Bailey: Sergeant-at-Arms