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gstm-officer-steved-200wA guest post by George Sutton Toastmasters Member, Steve Doherty…

One of life’s great paradoxes is that so many people find selling distasteful yet virtually all of us sell to survive and succeed.There isn’t ONE position in life, either personal or professional, where communication and selling skills are not a critical component of success.

In fact, I would venture to say that the vast majority of our lives we spend “selling” via trying to influence our kids, convince our co-workers, influence a client, buying a home or car, lead our professional teams, lead our Boy Scout troop, convince our spouses,… Read Full Post »

Don't panic when faced with a tough topic in speaking
If you were to invite me to your house for dinner and I immediately took on a look of disgust and commented how dirty your house was and started blurting out, “Eew Gross! What kind of paint job is that on your walls?” What would happen? I probably wouldn’t make it to the dinner table. You’d throw me right out the front door in digust!

Then, why did every speaker at both Democratic and Republican National Conventions have that disgusted look on their face covering from A-Z why you shouldn’t vote for “the other guy?”

Don’t they realize anyone on… Read Full Post »

Someone is Always Better

High school baseball pitcherMy son was a rock star pitcher in Little League. He threw a shutout in his state tournament and just toyed with batters whenever he was on the mount. Imagine his amazement when he started his first game in high school as a freshman pitcher—and the first 6 batters got hits off of his pitches! Just when you think you’ve really got game, someone comes along and shows you how much opportunity you have to improve.

One of the reasons professional speakers tend to avoid continuing their development as speakers is because they think they’ve already… Read Full Post »

I’ve been playing around with flyers and handouts for my Toastmasters club and came up with this idea. What do you think Toastmasters? If you were to be handed this by your boss or see it on a bulletin board or lying on a chair at Starbucks, would it get you curious enough to visit the GeorgeSuttonToastmasters website?

Toastmasters Flyer - What if You Could Have

Here’s a link to the pdf if you’d like to get a copy and print it or send it to someone you know that should come and visit our club in Aurora Colorado. Guests are always welcome!