You can become a better speaker by joining and participating in any active Toastmasters club. But, the George Sutton Toastmasters club has a habit of producing STARS!

Our latest evidence of this truth is Hazel Ramsbotham. She joined out club at age “82” (now 86) because she was starting a new business and wanted to improve her speaking. Just today, I picked up on her first Facebook Live broadcast…from Dubai…where she gets asked to speak by the event organizer for the event she’s simply attending!


Listen to her story and her amazing speaking skills she’s developed and watch her surprise and willingness to accept an invitation to speak in front of 150 people!

Hazel is not the only example of stars emerging stars produced at our club

Anastasia Button joined our club a couple of years ago. At that time she was roofing houses for a living and was looking for something new. Today, she is a professional speaker and author of the book, #JewJobNewLife: The Millenial’s Take-Charge Plan for Success

Anastasia Button Speaker and Author

Dr. Ryan Dunn D.C. was just starting his Mile High Spine and Sport chiropractic practice when he joined our club. Since then, he has filled his appointment schedule by giving speeches to training centers, such as Cross-Fit.


The list of George Sutton Toastmasters members who have risen to the top of their game could go on and on!

So, why do we make stars at the George Sutton Toastmasters Club?

There is a bit of secret sauce present in our club that does not exist in every Toastmasters club, unfortunately.

  1. Professionalism – We treat every Thursday, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Toastmasters meeting like the live professional event it is. Every meeting more resembles a small seminar with a Master of Ceremonies we call the Toastmaster of the Day to coordinate and lead the event. There is even a printed agenda to follow and we start and end on-time.
  2. Organization – One of our senior club officers, the VP of Education, is in charge of deciding how our members will participate at meetings each week. He or she asks members for known dates they will be out of town on business, or away for other unavoidable reasons, and then creates a printed schedule. So, you always know in advance what you will be doing at each of our meetings.

    Advance scheduling is one of the most rare traits to find in Toastmasters clubs today. Too many clubs embrace a relaxed setting where meeting roles are volunteered for when everyone shows up…at the meeting. In our opinion, this is not the way to run a professional event and invites chaos and the same people selecting the same roles over and over again. We attribute the club’s ability to produce so many STARS, in large part, because of this single characteristic.

  3. Diversification – We have a wide range of members, in both age and profession. Many clubs are heavily weighted toward specific member types. Some are made up of almost entirely retirees or attorneys, for example. Some corporate clubs do not allow the general public to join. Some cater only to business owners. When speaking to an audience in the real world, you will rarely know everyone in the audience. It’s important to gain experience speaking in front of and coordinating the event with, people from all walks of life. We take great pride in being a very open group where we welcome all people, regardless of race, nationality, religion, gender, social status, economic status, or age.

One Special Bonus Reason Why Our Club Produces STARS

You might be reading this saying, OOO, what a SERIOUS group! Well, yes, we are very serious about our professionalism and skills development in speaking and leadership. But, the added bonus is that everything we do includes FUN too! As a visitor, you will see first-hand how all of our professionalism is achieved while having a fun…and dare I even say…”relaxed” atmosphere! That’s the real secret sauce our club offers.

When you’re having fun, you learn how to enjoy public speaking at the same time. When you discover how fun speaking can be, your confidence improves and you want to speak more and more—just like Hazel, Anastasia and Ryan experienced.

Will YOU Be Our Next Rising Star?

Toastmasters can help anyone to improve their speaking, communication, and leadership skills. Whether you are looking for that next promotion at work, just starting a business and looking for new clients, getting your professional life underway as a student, are already a professional speaker looking for growth, or in your later years wanting to stay sharp, the George Sutton Toastmasters club is your key to becoming the STAR you want to be!

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