Free Public Speaking Workshop in Aurora Colorado February 1, 2017

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Want to give better presentations at work?

Are you the “Best Man” for an upcoming wedding and dread giving the traditional toast?

Starting or expanding your business and loathe the idea of getting up on stage at a networking event to promote your business?

Maybe you are a college student putting off that higher level course because you just know you’re going to have to give presentations and you’re just toooooo nervous!

If any of these describes you, then you need to be at this FREE public speaking workshop presented by members of the George Sutton Toastmasters club and sponsored by Colorado Technical University.

The date: Wednesday, February 1, 2017 from 5:30-6:30 as the flyer suggests.
the location: Colorado Technical University, 3151 S. Vaughn Way, 4th Floor, Rm 425, Aurora, CO 80014.

You can help by printing this flyer (above) and posting it on your office announcements board or simply forwarding the URL of this page (or the flyer) to a friend.

If not you, then who do you know that really needs to be at this one-hour, interactive session to help you improve your public speaking confidence now?

Hope to see you there.