Here’s a good video I found that shows how to go through the Basecamp system to sign-off that you’ve completed one objective in the Toastmasters Pathways program so that you can advance to the next project.

Notable points from the video:

  • Click “More” instead of the right arrow to get more information.
  • When the “More” tab is grey, and you cannot click it anymore, that’s when to use the right arrow to go to the next section.
  • During the quiz, you have to choose what Toastmasters has identified as the correct answer, which might not always be what you know as the answer.
  • Good detail about what to do when you answer a quiz question incorrectly.
  • Yes…you CAN print your project…just like when we used to order Toastmasters manuals. Instead of ordering, you can just print it.
  • Get to “Submit” by clicking “more” instead of the right arrow.
  • Once you’ve done everything you are supposed to, then you can see “Ready to Advance” to the next project and at that point BaseCamp will open up your next project for you.