Thermometer in the summer heatYou’ve been thinking about it for a while now. You know you need to try something new. People at work may have even told you it’s time to do something. Even your family has been spurring you on. But, for some reason, another month…another year maybe…has slipped by and you still haven’t taken the plunge to join a Toastmasters club.

July and August months are the perfect time to join. Here are several reasons why:

1. Things might be slower at work – If your workload has slowed down a bit this summer, it’s the perfect time for you to join a Toastmasters club. Your slightly relaxed scheduled will offer room for you to commit to yourself by attending every Thursday from 11:30 to 1pm at our club location. Then, when things pick up in the fall, meeting with us ever Thursday will be habit and you’ll want to schedule your whole work week around attending Toastmasters.

2. Things might be BUSIER at work – If your workload is doubled this summer because you’re covering for others while they’re on vacation, that’s even MORE reason to join Toastmasters today! Sounds a bit odd to suggest, but by being an active participating member of a Toastmasters club, you will find you have MORE time available during your week. How can this possibly be true? Because Toastmasters is not just a club to help you give better speeches. It’s also a program to help you become a better leader. Good leaders are masters of time management and have good organization skills. Toastmasters helps in many ways.

3. Lots of opportunity to participate – Summer months mean vacations. With more club members going on vacation in the coming weeks, you will have lots of opportunity to participate in our meetings by delivering prepared speeches and assist in various aspects of running the meeting. There are many roles in a Toastmasters meeting that help you to gain experience in meeting management. Summer is a great time to jump in and help to gain new skill while attendance is typically a bit lower.

4. They’ll wonder what happened to you – People in some companies tend to be in a bit of a blur during the summer months. They’re either performing their jobs in a fog waiting anxiously for that last day before vacation comes around or they’re recovering from the vacation they just had! Give Toastmasters a couple of months and people at work will wonder what’s different about you. Did you get a haircut? Did you lose weight? There’s something different about you but they won’t quite be able to put a finger on it. You’ll know though. In just a month or two, Toastmasters will help you gain confidence like you’ve never had before. And, that new sense of vitality, energy and excitement shows!

5. It’s always a good time to join Toastmasters – Summer, fall, winter, or spring. The best time to join a Toastmasters club is “today” no matter what season today is for you. The important part is to just come to visit. It’s a small step. It’s an easy step. There’s no forcing you into a corner or big sales pitch to get you to join. Just come and watch the show and see if Toastmasters is right for you.

This summer, try something new. If not our club, visit any active Toastmasters club in your area. You’ll see the impact it will have on your life within only a couple of weeks. Join for a year and that can change your life!