VP Membership July-December 2016: Ron Tickel

Ron has been an active member and officer of our club since joining in 2009. He believes speaking in front of people is something you have to learn and keep doing ongoing to stay in practice and continuously learn.

Ron was a professional 5-year traveling trainer in the corporate world several years ago. After changing careers, and being away from speaking for ten years, he realized when his career was growing toward a speaking direction again, that he had lost some of his skills he possessed earlier.

He joined Toastmasters to get that skill back when he began working in the financial services industry. Today, Ron is retired but remains an active Toastmaster to keep his skill sharp and also because he enjoys the people and the Toastmasters program.

Ron is slowly working toward achieving Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) status, the highest scholastic achievement within the Toastmasters program. He enjoys helping others in the club to set realistic Toastmasters goals and accomplish them. Ron believes anyone who is going to speak at anytime should be an active Toastmasters member whether he or she claims to be a beginning or advanced speaker.