Fear of Public Speaking

I was watching a rerun of The Office a few days ago and at the end of the episode I learned that the title of that episode was called Dwight’s Speech. Apparently, Dwight won “salesman of the year” and was asked to give a speech at the awards ceremony.

Half way through the episode, Dwight, along with his co-workers were in a conference room where Dwight was asked to give an impromptu speech of what he would present at the banquet. One of the employees suggested maybe he should join Toastmasters to get some practice with public speaking.

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Being Nervous Makes You Perform at Your Best When You Learn How to Channel the Nervous Energy

Curt Schilling baseball player admits being nervousIf you think MLB baseball players lack nervousness, think again. Here’s an entire blog post dedicated to revealing how Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Miggy Cabrera and others admit their nervousness.

And, these are the top players in the game! Conincidence? I think not. They have learned how to channel their nervousness to work for them instead of against them. When they’re nervous, they perform at their very best.

Early in my Toastmasters career, one of my mentors told me upon my confession… Read Full Post »

Baseball and public speaking

Baseball is America’s sport. Organized baseball from tee-ball and little league to the majors has enthralled players and audiences alike for so long that we’ve even created casual games to play on-the-side just so that we can get more of them and play them longer in our lives. Wiffle ball and kickball at the family picnic come to mind.

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There’s no reason your company needs presenters this bad. Find a local Toastmasters club and make it a mandatory weekly training event for your staff.

Today I saw a report of the top 10 highest paying entry level jobs. Some have been on a list like this for years like the pharmaceutical sales person or the “investment banking analyst” or the “software engineer.”

While there’s all sorts of controversy in the comments on the blog post I linked to, something struck me as a little odd about those 10 positions:

Each of the top 10 highest paying entry level jobs could be potentially performed by someone that doesn’t have particularly good communications skills. That in ability to communicate to one’s highest potential possibly… Read Full Post »