Today I saw a report of the top 10 highest paying entry level jobs. Some have been on a list like this for years like the pharmaceutical sales person or the “investment banking analyst” or the “software engineer.”

While there’s all sorts of controversy in the comments on the blog post I linked to, something struck me as a little odd about those 10 positions:

Each of the top 10 highest paying entry level jobs could be potentially performed by someone that doesn’t have particularly good communications skills. That in ability to communicate to one’s highest potential possibly stems from a fear of public speaking.

The result would be pretty predictable, though, including:

  • Doing a mediocre job
  • Getting less repeat business (especially for the pharmaceutical sales person, and maybe even being replaced by someone who has better communications skills.Every position they mentioned requires the need for exceptional communication skills.
  • Not being seen by upper management as a more active contributor to the growth of the company


Speaking Tip of the Day: Don’t settle for mediocrity in your communication skills!

Get MORE repeat business. Become the go-to guy or gal in your position and you will soon find yourself being asked to command an even higher position! How do you get there? Become a better communicator. Join a Toastmasters club in your area.