Aurora Colorado Toastmasters Speaker Jennifer

Yesterday, September 3, 2015, we had 18 in attendance. Three of our members were scheduled a few weeks ago to present formal speeches during our club meeting on this date.

Jennifer Bailey (above), presented how she has a “guest for the summer” living in her house, which happens to be a very large spider. She did a great job painting the picture for us how the spider weaves her web every night and uses “patience” and “commitment” to the task. Jennifer weaved her own story example to describe how patience and commitment can be used in our own lives to accomplish our goals.

William Strunk (our club founder in 1979) was our second speaker. Although retired from active membership but retaining emeritus status, he occasionally gets his name on the schedule to give a speech. When he does, we expect nothing short of polish and precision from his delivery. He lived up to expectation! We recorded his presentation on video and will be featuring that in an upcoming blog post. So, stay tuned!

Tim Lenz gave his 10th speech from the Competent Communicator manual with the objective to Inspire Your Audience. He joined our club in 2014 and delivered his 1st speech, the Ice Breaker, in December 2014. Yesterday, Tim took the weekly trophy as a result of his great performance where he talked about how he has benefited from Toastmasters and how he plans to move into the advanced manuals and get more involved with the leadership opportunities Toastmasters has to offer. Congrats Tim and we’re looking forward to presenting your Competent Communicator award to you when it arrives in a few weeks!

Meeting Nugget: A Toastmasters club is the ONLY place you can go to have the opportunity to practice your presentation skills every single week in front of a supportive audience without fear of getting fired or receiving a failing grade…while being backed by an International non-profit training organization and step-by-step program that has helped literally MILLIONS of people around the world to improve their communication and leadership skills.

Find a few clubs in your area by visiting and visit each to see which one fits with your schedule and then take the next step and join. Of course, you are always welcome to visit our club which meets every Thursday, 11:30 until 1:00 pm. Click Here for Details >>

Next week is our club Humorous Speech and Evaluation contest! Winners will advance to the Area contest. Contest day is a GREAT day to visit so we hope to see you then.