Being Nervous Makes You Perform at Your Best When You Learn How to Channel the Nervous Energy

Curt Schilling baseball player admits being nervousIf you think MLB baseball players lack nervousness, think again. Here’s an entire blog post dedicated to revealing how Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Miggy Cabrera and others admit their nervousness.

And, these are the top players in the game! Conincidence? I think not. They have learned how to channel their nervousness to work for them instead of against them. When they’re nervous, they perform at their very best.

Early in my Toastmasters career, one of my mentors told me upon my confession of being nervous that “Being nervous is a GOOD thing and it helps us perform at our best when we need it the most.” I’ve never forgotten that advice and think about it every time I go on stage, whether at a Toastmasters meeting or during a paid speaking gig.

In fact, if there’s ever a time when I’m not nervous before a presentation, I will think of a speaking situation that scared the pants off me…just to make me nervous!

Toastmasters clubs have one thing in common across the board—they’re all full of members that are nervous before getting up in front of a group to present something!

The nervousness might have different levels of severity; but, I can assure you that every member in every Toastmasters club has at least a little nervousness when it’s their turn to perform.

What Toastmasters teaches us is to use that nervousness to our advantage and redirect it to work for us during the presentation. Developing that skill comes with time, repetition, and practice. Learning how to channel one’s nervousness during a speech is certainly one of the greatest life-changing benefits Toastmasters clubs have to offer.

Colorado alone has more than 100 clubs to choose from. So, find a good club in your area and visit to get the feel of how the club operates and if the meeting time and day aligns with your schedule. You are always welcome to visit us at the George Sutton Toastmasters club in Aurora. Just let us know you’re coming so we can properly greet you at the door.