Ina Michelsen winning first place best speechIna Michelsen is one of our newer members. She lives in Norway and is going to school here in the Denver area. Her last speech to us before going home for the summer brought her first place in our weekly contest.

Congrats Ina on a powerful presentation and a life-goal accomplishment in the topic you presented! We look forward to your return from Norway in the fall.

At the George Sutton club, every speaking opportunity is a “contest.” We vote for best speaker, best evaluator and best table topics contestant. The winners get to keep a ribbon and they must return the “traveling” trophies as we’ve used the same trophies for years.

Treating our speaking as contests adds an element of focus that not all clubs provide. In the real world, your presentations are definitely contests. If you’re in sales, you win the contest if you beat out your competition. If you’re a customer service rep, you win the contest if you’re able to diffuse an angry client situation.

If you’re already a trainer or are called on frequently to present to groups (as some of our members are) well, you already know the contest is about whether or not you’re able to get your audience to take some kind of action.

How has speaking seemed like a contest in your life? Did you win?