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Someone is Always Better

High school baseball pitcherMy son was a rock star pitcher in Little League. He threw a shutout in his state tournament and just toyed with batters whenever he was on the mount. Imagine his amazement when he started his first game in high school as a freshman pitcher—and the first 6 batters got hits off of his pitches! Just when you think you’ve really got game, someone comes along and shows you how much opportunity you have to improve.

One of the reasons professional speakers tend to avoid continuing their development as speakers is because they think they’ve already… Read Full Post »

Being Nervous Makes You Perform at Your Best When You Learn How to Channel the Nervous Energy

Curt Schilling baseball player admits being nervousIf you think MLB baseball players lack nervousness, think again. Here’s an entire blog post dedicated to revealing how Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Miggy Cabrera and others admit their nervousness.

And, these are the top players in the game! Conincidence? I think not. They have learned how to channel their nervousness to work for them instead of against them. When they’re nervous, they perform at their very best.

Early in my Toastmasters career, one of my mentors told me upon my confession… Read Full Post »

Everyone Must Practice to Get Good

Baseball practice If you were in Little League baseball or played in high school, you know how important practices were. You might not have enjoyed the practices back then and wished you could just play games all the time, but now you can look back and realize how the coaches first taught you the basics but then supplied the opportunities for you to practice what you learned over time. Looking back, you might even realize there was a planned sequence that your practices followed; a routine of sorts. You got used to the routine and your… Read Full Post »

Baseball and public speaking

Baseball is America’s sport. Organized baseball from tee-ball and little league to the majors has enthralled players and audiences alike for so long that we’ve even created casual games to play on-the-side just so that we can get more of them and play them longer in our lives. Wiffle ball and kickball at the family picnic come to mind.

With all the fun and accomplishment baseball has to offer, there are still many people that simply despise the sport of baseball and wonder why anyone would want to stand around on a field for a few hours waiting for a… Read Full Post »

At our Toastmasters meeting today, one of our evaluators made the comment that most of us struggle with Pommel Horse position when speaking while using a lectern. In a world where we are encouraged to never present from behind a lectern, there are times when you won’t have a choice. The microphone might be attached to a lectern at the front of the speaking room and you are assigned to speak from there. Proper practice presenting with a lectern is crucial toward your success as a presenter.

So, let’s start first with the problem: Pommel Horse Position while speaking. Here’s… Read Full Post »