Natural Talent Helps but Anyone Can Learn

Todd Helton baseball player holding a batWhen we look at the recently retired 1st baseman for the Rockies, Todd Helton, we think, “oh, what a natural…of course he would be a great baseball player.” What we don’t see are the thousands upon thousands of hours Todd spent as a boy learning the game of baseball. Fortunately, he was surrounded by coaches and training programs to teach him proper mechanics of the game.
Having natural qualities about his physique, height, and brain functionality to make his body work properly were certainly helpful assets in his developing years, but those qualities only helped him develop his skill as he was being taught how to play.

The same applies for speaking. You might think that Zig Ziglar was a natural when it came to speaking from the stage, but he was broke in his 40’s. His success only came later. Tony Robbins might strike you as a person that is a natural for speaking, but even he at one time lived in a 400-square-foot apartment, washed dishes in his bathtub and hated his nowhere job.

Does that sound like “a natural” of anything to you?

Even Tony Robbins had to start at the beginning by learning speaking technique, crafting impactful presentations, learning from coaches, watching other pros, and finding lots of opportunities to speak. Only with learning, coaching and tons of speaking did he become the speaker extraordinaire that he is today.

Toastmasters offers that practice forum where you are invited at each meeting to get up in front of the small group of typically 10-20 Toastmasters club members and practice your speaking. One week you might be asked to speak spontanously for 1-2 minutes on a subject you had no prior preparation for. Another week, you might be scheduled in advance to prepare a more formal 5-7 minute speech about any topic you’d like. Another week, you might lead the meeting or serve as an evaluator of someone else’s speech.

All of these components work together to give you ongoing “practice” at developing your public speaking skills in a safe and welcoming environment that only Toastmasters clubs offer.

Colorado alone has more than 100 clubs to choose from. So, find a good club in your area and visit to get the feel of how the club operates and if the meeting time and day aligns with your schedule. You are always welcome to visit us at the George Sutton Toastmasters club in Aurora. Just let us know you’re coming so we can properly greet you at the door.