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At our Toastmasters meeting today, one of our evaluators made the comment that most of us struggle with Pommel Horse position when speaking while using a lectern. In a world where we are encouraged to never present from behind a lectern, there are times when you won’t have a choice. The microphone might be attached to a lectern at the front of the speaking room and you are assigned to speak from there. Proper practice presenting with a lectern is crucial toward your success as a presenter.

So, let’s start first with the problem: Pommel Horse Position while speaking. Here’s… Read Full Post »

I’ve been playing around with flyers and handouts for my Toastmasters club and came up with this idea. What do you think Toastmasters? If you were to be handed this by your boss or see it on a bulletin board or lying on a chair at Starbucks, would it get you curious enough to visit the GeorgeSuttonToastmasters website?

Toastmasters Flyer - What if You Could Have

Here’s a link to the pdf if you’d like to get a copy and print it or send it to someone you know that should come and visit our club in Aurora Colorado. Guests are always welcome!

Joseph Coupal 2nd place Toastmasters Tall Tales and Evaluation Contest
Great job to our member and VP Membership officer, Joseph Coupal, in competing at the Area D-4 contest(s). He won first place in our club for both the evaluation contest and the Tall Tales speech contest. So, yesterday, he went on to represent our club at the Area competition level. About 50 attended.

Stay safe and stay home. We’re canceling Today’s Toastmasters meeting due to flooded roads, flooded basements, poor driving visibility, traffic, and just a whole lotta wet. Radio this morning said we would have had 200″ of snow by now if it was 40 degrees colder! See you next week (weather permitting)

Attn: Story Tellers, Speakers, Musicians, Poets, Comedians, Writers

Our Area Governor, Joe Fleenor will be hosting an open mic night for any Toastmaster to practice his or her speaking skills in a different light—the SPOTLIGHT that is.
When: City Center Community, Saturday, September 28th, 2013 at 8:00pm
Where: 901 Englewood Parkway, Suite 112, Englewood, CO 80110
Northeast of Hampden & Sante Fe